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Writer behind Nandyz Soulshine (, a collection of motivational and relatable ideas to uncomplicate life one step at a time.


  • Matt Ray

    Matt Ray

    Top Writer in Travel, Photography, & Poetry. Recently circum-sailed around the world. Find all my Publications, Blogs, & IGs here:

  • Coco Garcia

    Coco Garcia

    Cat lover and entrepreneur. Writer for The Haven and ILLUMINATION

  • Un Swede

    Un Swede

    I write to you, experiences from my work with management, coding, startups, and as icing on the cake, some of my life lessons.

  • Alieu Bangura

    Alieu Bangura

  • ansmuh


  • Manolo Romero

    Manolo Romero

    Spanish naval aviator, navigator and communicator. Here to serve by making your boat go faster. Self-development, leadership, communication, life, parenting.

  • sam crespi #SHE

    sam crespi #SHE

    Everyday is the most important day of my life. Marketing, P.R. to Feature Films

  • SF Ali

    SF Ali

    Medium's resident cheerleader.

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